“the graduate”

Nuestra via Curioos


Handmade Limited Edition Indie Art Clothing by Carouselink


The Archive Series by David Garcia 


Porcelain Grasp Vase and Grasp Bowls by Bryce Wymer of flatearthstudio in Brooklyn, New York.


Alex Friend is an artist who is most passionate about serious 3D work in both digital and physical forms. He loves the freedom of working with 3D programs such as Maya and Zbrush. Additionally, he is attracted to bronze work because of the timelessness and tradition behind it. Alex graduated for the University of Michigan School of Art and Design in 2010.


Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark

This unique robotic shark has a full-range of motion to replicate the smooth, sleek swimming of one of nature’s most efficient predators. It is able to gracefully maneuver up, down, left, right, and even backwards through water, in depths up to 9’. 


Indian Sculpture Park, Victoria’s Way, Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland.

The unusual spiritual visions of an Irishman were created in stone by craftsmen in Mahabalipuram, India, and now populate a sculpture park in County Wicklow, Ireland.


I just posted “Tiger”

CranioDsgn (Spain) via Curioos