A spotted hyena and a bull elephant (by Rainbirder)


New tattoo art by Amanda myers

So I decided to look under the hyena tag here for a reference


And bloody arceus people don’t know what a hyena is.

Hyenas are not African wild dogs, they are very distinctly different creatures!

Here’s an African Wild dog

These are hyenas (and an aardwolf since they’re under the same family as hyenas). Even if someone could argue hyenas have a similar body type to canines one couldn’t argue that there’s a specie of hyena that has markings that look anything like those of wild dogs. Are people here just blind or incredibly dumb?

omg THANK YOU!!!! this happens all they time and they aren’t even related!!!


my spirit animal for today


Just : x_____X

This is this kind of drawing: I’m tired of painting but I can’t stop/Yeah I like it with this red/Noooh I hate it with this red/damn you photoshop/photoshop is the best tool of the world/T___T/XD/O___O/:3 etc etc… every five minutes.

I’ll fight you to the end of times EVIL ILLUSTRATION !!! AND I’LL WIN !!!!

WIP : aaarf all these details I need to work on…!


I’ll Guard While You Drink, Mommy! by loot eksteen