1. Loop- Tsubasa Chronicles (dont remember the artist..)
2. Time will forget- Yiruma
3. White Flag Warriors- Flobots and rise against
4. Heart of courage- two steps from hell
5. Lady gaga medley- sam tsui
6. Carmina- Bond
7. Firework, grenade mashup- Sam Tsui
8. Brick by boring brick- Paramore
9. circles- hollywood undead
10. Ramalama bang bang- roisin murphy
11. where’d you go- fort minor
12. Not gonna get us  T.A.T.U.
13. go the distance- hercules sound track
14. ironic- alanis morissette
15. Listen to your heart- cascada
16. flathead- the fratellis
17. people who died- the jim carrol band
18. someone like you- nick pitera
19. rise- flobots
20. somebody to love- queen



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