This is a drawing. We’re not even joking.

Props to DiegoKoi for mad photorealism skills.

This Incredible Drawing Is Not a Photo


Myoung Ho Lee - Photography Act (2007)

“Lee has produced an elaborate series of photographs that pose some unusual questions about representation, reality, art, environment and seeing. 

Simple in concept, complex in execution, he makes us look at a tree in its natural surroundings, but separates the tree artificially from nature by presenting it on an immense white ground, as one would see a painting or photograph on a billboard.”




that is
some top notch negative space amirite

god this is just so pleasing to look at 

that back curve 

their face profiles

their everything god

Wow wow wow


Levi van Veluw

[Regarding the series of rooms — second row, figures 3 - 5 in this set] On the one hand these works present themselves as a continuation of van Veluw’s formal approach to self-portraiture, with their preoccupation for materiality, pattern and texture. Yet they are simultaneously verypersonal pieces. The repetitive structures seemingly express a ‘horrorvacui’ and recall van Veluw the youth and his obsessive attempts to gain control on his life by gaining control of his surroundings. Dimlylight and dark in colour the overriding tone of these pieces are claustrophobic and sombre, exuding a sense of loneliness. Themeticulous craftsmanship and high quality material with which everylast knock and cranny is covered, result in a series of works that are also highly aesthetic.

I think it’s worth pointing out that in 1-2, 8-10 it is the actual artist under all that stuff.


For 20 years now, New York-based photographer Spencer Tunick has been creating human art installations all over the world, calling together volunteers by the hundreds or thousands, asking them to remove their clothes, and photographing them in massive groups. His philosophy is that “individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together, metamorphose into a new shape.” He aims to create an architecture of flesh, where the masses of human bodies blend with the landscape, or juxtapose with architecture. Collected here are images from several of his installations as they were being composed.