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Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam created these large-scale crochet playgrounds after some kids asked her if her formal crochet sculptures could be climbed on.

How badly do you wish you were a kid in Japan right now?

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emptyful by Bill Pechet, Winnipeg Arts Council

Photo by Gerry Kopelow

emptyful is a sculpture outside the Millennium Library in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Aerial is a new site-specific installation by Baptiste Debombourg.

Numerous sheets of shattered laminate glass mimic a frothy flood of water rushing into a room.

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Photos of  H.R. Giger toy 02.

H.R. Giger’s classic Li II painting is the first of 5 special edition sculptures to be released by McFarlane Toys. Giger worked in close collaboration with the staff in the creation of this series to assure the highest quality and most detailed reproduction of each painting.”


Sculpture “Two Women” by Ron Mueck.


Judith Pfaff at HMOA. 10’x10’. #art #installation #sculpture #assemblage (Taken with Instagram)


by Anish Kapoor


Levi van Veluw

[Regarding the series of rooms — second row, figures 3 - 5 in this set] On the one hand these works present themselves as a continuation of van Veluw’s formal approach to self-portraiture, with their preoccupation for materiality, pattern and texture. Yet they are simultaneously verypersonal pieces. The repetitive structures seemingly express a ‘horrorvacui’ and recall van Veluw the youth and his obsessive attempts to gain control on his life by gaining control of his surroundings. Dimlylight and dark in colour the overriding tone of these pieces are claustrophobic and sombre, exuding a sense of loneliness. Themeticulous craftsmanship and high quality material with which everylast knock and cranny is covered, result in a series of works that are also highly aesthetic.

I think it’s worth pointing out that in 1-2, 8-10 it is the actual artist under all that stuff.